Archives of the Impossible in Media

What They’re Still Not Telling Us About the UFOs They Shot Down

by Micah L. Sifry for The Connector

Jeffrey Kripal: “The response of the public and the media to this not-knowing, however, is really very interesting and significant … The question of some kind of ‘extraterrestrial’ or ‘alien’ surveillance comes up in people’s minds, and quickly. This, it seems to me, is partly a function of our profound public dishonesty around this topic in the past (snarkiness or laughter are not intellectual responses), its unthinkability in our present political systems (which seem to presume human and national sovereignty), and the endless conspiracy theories that have resulted from this intellectual dishonesty and political impossibility.”


Rice University opened the “Archives of the Impossible” and guess what was there

by Alejandro Agostinelli

“It was an international academic meeting dedicated to discussing methodologies and possible approaches to different anomalous phenomena. Organized by Dr. Jeffrey J. Kripal, it took place in Houston from March 3 to 6.

The Argentine author Sebastiano De Filippi presented a manifesto at the event that excited a demanding audience.”

The original Spanish-language piece can be found here.


The Truth is Right Here

by Kyndall Krist for Rice Magazine

“This year, the U.S. government released a preliminary report on unidentified aerial phenomena, more commonly known as UFOs. We sat down with Jeffrey Kripal, a historian of religions, to discuss the report as well as the cultural and academic significance of these unexplained topics.”


Jacques Vallée Still Doesn’t Know What UFOs Are

by Chantel Tattoli for WIRED, Feb 18 2022

“Vallée’s papers, entrusted to Rice University, will ultimately include files on some 500 anomalous events that he has personally investigated, from the abduction of Betty and Barney Hill on US Route 3 to a landing that paralyzed a farmer in a Provençal lavender crop.”